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The Ballet

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Twenty. This week we will be talking about ‘The Ballet’ from the album ‘It’s a Wonderful World’.


The inspiration for ‘The Ballet’ was once again an admiration for an individual art form that can not only begin from a very young age, but which requires a great deal of hard work and dedication for many years in order to try to achieve perfection wherever possible. Bearing all of this in mind it was very easy to become inspired when composing this particular piece of music.


When composing ‘The Ballet’, or any new piece of music for the very first time, keeping it simple is always the key. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what is being written is that straight forward, it just means that the aim of each individual piece of music is to sound effortless. This on the contrary can be quite a complicated and very time consuming journey in itself.


Composing a unique and very individual piece of music will take many hours, weeks and even months before the process of practicing what has been written can even begin. This is always a necessity before even attempting to record any piece of music within the studio. Composing a unique piece of music does depend on many things, and it is usually a combination of knowledge, ability, flare and inspiration that can sometimes create that extra special, and very unique ingredient.

The Melody

The melody of ‘The Ballet’ not only required a light feel of elegance, but with every individual piece of music that we compose and produce it also has to take you on your own individual journey known only to you. This not only helps to create it’s own identity, but also assists each bar or passage of music to take you to the next level within the piece. The melody within this particular piece of music hopefully assists to create not only the beauty, but also the sense of structure and stamina that is required to perfect this particular art form.

The Orchestra

As with all of our individual pieces of music, each and every instrument that can be heard within ‘The Ballet’ has been written and composed separately before they are eventually recorded in the studio. Once again practising each individual instrument and layer is very important, just like all of our pieces of music, in order to achieve the desired outcome. Not all instruments will or do necessarily agree with each other, and this very much depends on not only their individual sounds, but what orchestrally works in the theoretical side of composition.

That Little Piece of Sparkle

That little piece of sparkle is something that we would all like to bottle, as it is something that we can’t quite put our finger on. As a Producer who has a great deal of experience in production on a global scale, Gary certainly does have that secret ingredient that goes far beyond what i would say most peoples imagination can take them. Getting the best out of what is presented to him is something that he is very natural and extremely good at, and it is his unique artistic flare that ultimately polishes off each and every individual piece of music whenever we are in our studio.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about how all of our ‘Beautiful World Classical Music’ is just perfect to help you focus.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.