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Springtime Awaits

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Nineteen.

This week we will be talking about ‘Springtime Awaits’ from the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’.

New Beginnings

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and as we enter into springtime not only do we begin to enjoy the fresh buds in bloom, but everything begins to awaken and come alive once again. So when the track ‘Springtime Awaits’ was in the process of being composed, it was the beauty of the surrounding sights, sounds and even smells that became the inspiration in the very beginning for this particular piece of music.

Spring is in the Air

The fresh feel and atmosphere of springtime also appears to change the energy of all that surrounds us, and in doing so assists us to feel more alive. Even the memories of a more carefree time as a child, when our senses were more heightened and everything was new, can very often assist us to escape into a much loved, and very special world at this particular time of the year. The light melodic line of this particular piece of music imitates the fresh, and very new morning sun that attempts to lift this particular track to very new heights, and by doing so assisting a brand new sense of feeling that all is well.

The Light and our Wellbeing

When we begin our day surrounded by sunshine we instantly feel much more energised and ready for the day ahead. So when i began to compose ‘Springtime Awaits’ it was important that not only was the light just right within my studio, but that i was able to mirror the beauty of all that was fresh and brand new outside. The importance of natural sunlight has also been shown to improve not only our health, but in turn our sense of well being too. Being outside within nature for this reason alone is extremely beneficial, and can assist us emotionally as well as physically.

New Inspiration

Inspiration can come in many ways, and when our imagination is taken to a different time and place, this alone can be extremely up lifting. Day dreaming, or listening to music that assists us to escape into our own world is not only good for us, but helps us to become much more creative and refreshed in our every day lives. So the next time you catch yourself or your children escaping into their own individual world, remember that there are many health benefits that are associated with the complex art of day dreaming itself.

Capturing the Essence

Capturing the essence was also something that just appeared whilst this particular piece of music was in the process of being composed, and the newness as well as the sense of hope that surrounded this individual track was not only inspirational but very uplifting too.

Our Music has a Million Uses!

As we always say, all of our music is not only unique but it has a million uses. One of our most frequent comments that we receive from many of our customers on a daily basis is, ‘your music takes me on a different journey, each and every time i listen!’ This we are very happy about, as it demonstrates that not only is our music extremely relaxing, but it also keeps the listener captivated too, just as it was intended.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about ’The Ballet’ from the album ‘It’s a Wonderful World’.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.