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From Russia with Love

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Seventeen.

This week we will be talking about ‘From Russia with Love’ from the album ‘Passages in Time’.

Capturing Our Imagination

Whenever we watch or read the most wonderful storyline it always captures our imagination, and this is just like any new and very unique piece of music that is being written for the very first time. The only difference is, when you are the creator, the scope for creativity and where you may wish to take it is endless, and not only is this very satisfying but it can very often take you by surprise as well.

Every Story is Unique

Every storyline is unique, but when composing a brand new piece of music like ‘From Russia with Love’, the piece as a whole always needs to be considered at the very beginning. It is essential to know what you may expect to achieve from the offset in order to assist every new piece of music to travel to it’s correct destination. Once the melody and bass have been composed, it is the remaining instruments from the orchestra that i then begin to write for individually, in order to compliment as well as to assist each piece of music to build and grow.

Heart Strings

All stories, or individual pieces of music that we can relate to personally, especially when dealing with the emotions, very often leave a lasting impression, and when composing ‘From Russia with Love’ it was once again the emotions that ran through this individual piece of music that helped to create the atmosphere within the piece itself. Every country has it’s own beauty, and winter in Russia is no exception. It is very often the silence as well as the wonderment that deep snow brings, as well as the mystery that surrounds the most wonderful landscapes that helps set the scene for this particular piece of music.

Performance / Structure & Flow

The performance of any new piece of music that has been written is just as important as the structure and flow within it’s composition. The melody within ‘From Russia with Love’ demonstrates droplets of water gently falling from frozen icicles, combined with the slight ‘rubarto’ (slowing down and catching up) in the right hand compared to the left, helping it to create not only the wonderment but a real sense of emotion.

Frozen in Time

All of our beautiful, relaxing, tranquil music that we compose and produce takes the listener to their own individual, and personal only to them, place in time. Very often we are programmed to keep going no matter what happens, when all we feel like doing is switching off. Sometimes the world does need to stop just for a moment in order for us to not only relax, but to re-charge our batteries. This is also of course very good for us, and it is just as important to introduce, as well as to allow into our every day lives.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with all of the pieces of music that i compose, once the music has been written it is still necessary to practice any piece of music before it will be ready to record. Sometimes an idea for a particular bar or passage can look good on paper, but very often quite complex to carry out, and it is only after it has been mastered that it will be ready to be heard. Samples of all of our individual pieces of music are available on our website, and a handful of our tracks can be heard on our ‘Video Page’. So if you manage to grasp just a few minutes of time for yourself, why not just relax, unwind and chill out, and take yourself on the most wonderful, and very unique journey of your very own, enjoy!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about how all of our ‘Beautiful World Classical Music’ is just perfect to assist with Sleep Deprivation.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.