'I began playing the Piano at the early age of
just 4 years old'

I come from a long line of Musicians and began playing the Piano at the early age of just 4 years old. Surrounded by music all of my life it was inevitable that music would play a big part in my life, and after many long years of study eventual it would become my career.

To present day I am now the Composer, and my Husband is the Producer to all of our ‘Beautiful World Classical Music’, and when I am not Composing I run my own Music Practice in Norwich teaching Adults and Children alike.

My Teaching Past & Experience

After many long years of study I achieved my Degree Status in Music, and became an Associate of the London College of Music (ALCM) TD.

Discovering that I had a natural teaching ability my Pupils ranged from the ages of 4 to 84 years of age, and as well as teaching people of all levels and abilities I specialise in beginners and people who wish to improve their skills.

As I’m sure all Piano teachers will agree the importance of teaching those early skills correctly in the very beginning is so important and can never be underestimated, and mastering the correct technique early on can really improve as well as help you to reach your full potential.


My Music Practice & Lessons

I run my own music practice in Norwich and I have been lucky enough to have been complimented over my many years in teaching for my patience, but for me this is just second nature, and because we are all individuals each lesson and person will be quite different from the last. Some people may be quite happy to move forward on to the next stage of their learning quite quickly, while others may need a little longer, but as I always say ‘it is not the speed that we learn something that is important, it is just important that we learn at our own speed!

It is always a compliment when i am asked to teach more than one member of the same family, not only is this nice to see, but it can also be very useful and beneficial for the individuals themselves and their Piano tuition. So if a Grandmother wishes to learn to play at the same time as their Grandchild, or a Mother has the opportunity to learn alongside her Child, even though it is important that their Piano lessons are separate from each other, it can be very beneficial to their progress and the learning process. After all a little bit of healthy competition always goes a long way.

So whether you are 4 years old or more mature in years, age really doesn’t matter at all, it’s never too late to learn, and all you really ever need is the wish to have a go. One of the most frequent statements that I have always heard over the years from people who are thinking about having Piano tuition is, ‘remember I can’t play anything yet! or ‘what if i’m not very good! and as I always say, ‘well, that is what I am there for!

So if you have always wanted to learn how to play the Piano, but have never had the opportunity or felt ready to take the plunge, why not give it a go.



Once your Lessons have begun

Regular Piano lessons are always important when learning to play an instrument, and usually a once a week appointment is sufficient. If however you would prefer your Piano tuition to be more than once a week I will do my very best to accommodate where ever possible.


What will I be playing


When learning to play the Piano, to reach your full potential and to learn to play correctly, it is important to be classically trained. However I always leave room for an individuals particular taste in music. So if I am teaching a very small child who would like to learn some pieces from their favourite Disney film, it is always quite nice to incorporate these pieces within their Piano lessons as well.


The same of course applies to a teenager who perhaps has a favourite Pop Band, or an Adult who has always had a love for tunes from their favourite West End Show. Whatever your taste in music you will always learn a great deal from any piece of music that you learn to play, even when it is a piece of music of your own choice too.


Learning to play Scales and understanding their keys is also an important part of an individuals education in music, as well as helping to accomplish and maintain flexibility of our fingers.




Practising in between your Piano lessons is an essential part of the learning process. This doesn’t have to be a chore, and should always be something that you naturally wish to do. When anything is enjoyable it then becomes second nature, and in the process very productive as well.


Practising for long periods at a time isn’t always the right or best way to practise. I have always found over the years that short amounts of practise, for example 5 – 10 minutes at a time, but in frequent amounts to be far more productive in the long run, and like many Piano teachers may suggest, by putting this in place early on, it will soon be clear to see the true benefits and improvements of practising in this way.


Importance of Communication


As I always say to everyone ‘Any problems just let me know! This is very important in order to achieve everything that you wish from your Piano tuition. For example, if the piece you are playing isn’t your cup of tea, or maybe you are having difficulty practising, playing or understand something that you are learning, remember that it is my job, as it should always be with all Piano teachers, to do everything possible to help, however much time you may or may not need.


Booking your Lessons


So if you live in the Norwich, Norfolk area and would like to make an appointment, or you would like to ask a few more questions first, please do not hesitate to contact me on the ‘Contact Page’, or on either of the telephone numbers below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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