Beautiful World Classical Music

Composed by Jane Armes & Produced by Gary Wilkinson

All of Our Relaxing, Tranquil music has been composed using many different instruments from the orchestra; you will hear the beautiful, soothing sounds of Piano, Strings, Harp and Guitar, to name just a few.

All of the accompaniment to our music is perfect for relaxing, de-stressing and for healing the mind, body and soul. Composed from the heart, our music allows you to relax, chill out and drift away in to your own tranquil space.



"It's a Wonderful World" really expands the imagination as it takes you to the many wonderful countries of this world

Composed to capture the many wonderments of life each piece of music takes you to the most wonderful sunsets, oceans and mountain tops. With the unique sounds from as far away as Africa, Asia, North and South America this album will allow you to just drift away, relax and chill out. The music on this album is also perfect for Meditation, helping you to create a wonderful tranquil and peaceful space.

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"Passages in Time" has been composed to take you to those special places in your life, those little pockets of time that you thought were lost forever

Helping to relax and heal your mind, body and soul ‘Passages in Time’ will assist you to chill out and wind down. Also perfect for Meditation the beautiful music on this album will help bring back some tranquility into your life, allowing you to drift away to those special places or simply be at one with oneself.

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"Vibrations from Heaven" was composed to touch the heart and relax and help heal all areas of the Mind, Body and Soul

Each piece of music has been mixed with the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. It is perfect for Relaxation, Meditation or chilling out and winding down. Accompanied by the gentle sounds of the ocean, wind and rain these are just some of the many wonderful vibrations that can be heard within the beautiful, tranquil sounds of each piece of music. Nature at its best, absorb the many wonderful pieces of music on this album and heal your mind, body and soul to the exquisite sounds of ‘Vibrations from Heaven’.

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"Summer Breeze" has been composed to help you relax, drift away and completely escape to the most beautiful, tranquil times and places

This captivating album has all the flavours of summer and much more. So whether you are being taken on a "Journey of the Heart", experiencing the "Sentiments of Summer", or simply re-living the simplicity of "Paper Angels", the music on this album is sure to encapsulate the magic that this beautiful album has to offer. Perfect for relaxation, meditation or just chilling out, "Summer Breeze" will help you to escape, relax and wind down.

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