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Music to Balance the Mind, Body & Soul

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Nine.

This week we will be talking about how all of our Beautiful, Relaxing, Tranquil Music is perfect for Healing, Meditation and balancing the Mind, Body and Soul.

Our Experience & Balance

All of the music that we Compose and Produce is not only very relaxing and tranquil but it has been written to work perfectly with the 7 Energy Vortexes of the Chakra System. It has been Composed to help create balance and harmony for the listener, and in doing so creating a sense of well being too. We have both been fortunate enough to spend a lifetime doing something that we both love to do, and by doing so it has not only enabled us to Create very unique and individual pieces of music, but music that also helps to balance the Mind, Body and Soul.

All of our Music is Unique

Our phrase
‘We take pride in Producing Beautiful, Quality, Chill Out Music’ is very true. Each individual piece of music is just as unique as the last, and it takes us approximately a year to Compose and Produce each Album. Once the melody of any individual piece of music has been written, it is only then that the process of writing the many different instruments that will accompany that particular piece will begin, and being the perfectionist that we both are nothing less than perfect will do!

Music for Meditation

Because we describe all of our music as being ‘Totally Universal, Unique, and with a Million uses’ it is also perfect for Meditation too. The tranquility and balance that each individual piece of music has will not only assist greatly with the Meditation process, but the unique Angelic Vibrations within each piece of music will also allow you to relax into your own tranquil space, assisting Meditation and being at one with oneself. All of our music is being used Worldwide for all levels of Meditation, and will not only help you to remain more focused and in the moment, but it will assist you to remain balanced and to create inner peace.

Practitioners Worldwide & Our Music

Our music is not only perfect to relax and unwind to, but it is also used by many different Practitioners and their treatments Worldwide. Lending itself as the perfect backdrop for each individual treatment, our music assists and helps heal on a multiple of different levels. Relaxation in itself is not only very good for us and our own sense of well being, but when combined with specialised treatments it can greatly assist with the positive outcome of any individual case.

Being a Practitioner for over 25 years Gary has discovered first hand the amazing benefits that our music has had for each individual person that has crossed his path, and with the combined knowledge of our own individual professions, how it has helped heal and balance the Mind, Body and Soul on a profound and very unique level.

Letting Life Flow

We all have moments in our lives when every thing just seems to flow, however fleeting that may, or may not be. Moments when we feel on top form and every thing becomes effortless. And as we all know that doesn’t happen all of the time or necessarily very often, but when it does you could say that you are focused, in total harmony, and in complete balance within yourself. The art of keeping in this state of being can be of course more difficult to maintain, but as we always say the more you try to master the art of relaxation, and try to make just a little time for yourself each day, the easier it will be, and the more balanced and focused you will become.

Feedback & Our Music

We have learnt so much from other people and their own individual experiences of using our music, and it is because of this feedback that we are able to see the true benefits that our music has had over time. Receiving positive feedback from so many Therapists and Practitioners Worldwide is a must, and it is something that we are always very happy to receive.
So whether it is the Album ’Vibrations from Heaven’, ‘Passages in Time’, ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ or our latest CD ‘Summer Breeze’ everyone always seems to have their favourites, and for so many wonderful and different reasons.
And as Gary would say ‘I have been very fortunate to have experienced first hand how our music has helped assist so many people, with so many different conditions and treatments, and over so many years!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about how all of our Beautiful, Relaxing, Tranquil Music is also the perfect backdrop for Spas, and all of their treatments Worldwide.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.