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Love Never Dies

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Two.

This week we will be talking about how the track ‘Love Never Dies’ from the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’ was created.


Inspiration comes in many ways, but what better way than from nature itself. The rain in this particular piece of music is perfect for the cleansing process that helps to heal and balance the Mind, Body and Soul, and once the heavens have opened it lends itself as a wonderful backdrop for this beautiful piece of music. Each piece of music that we compose and produce always seems to begin in this way, and with this track it was just the simplicity of gentle rainfall.

The Heart Chakra

The Album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’ touches the heart on many levels, and the track ’Love Never Dies’ from this album is a very special piece of music in many ways. First of all the gentle sound of the rain and melody combined create a beautiful, tranquil setting just perfect to relax, chill out and unwind to. It is also a wonderful piece of music for opening up the Heart Chakra and allowing all of those pent up emotions to surface and clear themselves. Once this process begins to take place then relaxation, balance and healing can begin. Each and every one of us experience loss at some time or another, but being able to release and process these emotions is very important in order to be able to live very happy and balanced lives.

Balance & Our Music

Maintaining balance in all of our lives is extremely important to enable us to function properly physically and emotionally, and this is something that we concentrate on particularly each time we compose and produce an individual piece of music. People often ask us ‘what is the secret ingredient that makes your music so unique? For us it is the equal balance, the two halves of the coin of our own individual professions, being perfectionist in what we do, and caring deeply about the end product that creates that secret ingredient.

Perfect to Relax, Unwind & Chill out to

All of the music that we compose and produce is ‘Universal, Unique and has a million uses’. So whether an individual or business uses our music for their Healing/Alternative Practice, their Spa Therapy, as Birthing Music for Mother and Baby, for their much loved Pets/Animals to de-stress and calm, or they are just looking for some beautiful relaxing, tranquil music to Relax, Unwind and Chill Out to, it is suitable for all people, of all ages and on all levels.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about one of the tracks from our new album ‘Summer Breeze’ called Serenity.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.