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How Music Helps Improve our Sense of Well Being

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Fourteen.
This week we will be talking about how music helps to improve our sense of well being.


As we are all aware when we are inspired we very often feel that we can conquer the world. Not only may we suddenly have a brand new zest for life, but our enthusiasm appears to go up a few levels. Music that makes us feel good, as well as happy can not only inspire us to want to achieve more, but in doing so our immunity and sense of well being is given a wonderful boost, and in turn be very good for our health in general.

The Feel Good Factor

What ever kind of music that we enjoy, regardless of what it may be is definitely what the doctor ordered, but when it comes to relaxation, and music to assist us to de-stress and wind down, the music itself also has to resinate with ourselves on every level. There is a lot of relaxation music in the market place today that doesn’t appear to have very much content at all, and unfortunately when this is the case it very easily becomes not just a repetitive loop, but very predictable also.

The Perfect Backdrop

When music has been put together correctly there should never be that feeling of ‘but what else can i play! from the listener themselves, and it is the knowledge behind the scenes that backs up a piece of music in it’s entirety that allows an individual to enjoy what they are listening to each and every time they listen. All of the music that we Compose and Produce has not only come with years of knowledge as well as perfection of our own individual crafts, but we also know only too well after a lifetime of study the hard work that goes into each and every individual track that we Compose and Produce.

Becoming a Distributor

We have had some wonderful feedback over the years from individual businesses, however big or small that stock and sell our music on to their customers. Becoming a Distributor for all of our music has proven to be a great success for all of our clients, whether they are being sold in their shop, Spa or for therapies within their own individual Practice too. The large variety of individual businesses that sell our music is endless, and by listening to many of our Distributors over the years we have found that it was their own clientele that would ask where they could purchase the music that they were listening to. This in itself is what encouraged many of our Distributors to come on board !

All Kinds of Treatments

All of our music has a million uses, but where individual therapies are concerned each of our albums have proven to be a great success, and just perfect for all areas of the Mind, Body and Soul. Gary has found first hand when using our music within his own Practice the true benefits of each individual track and album, and even though all of our music is suitable for all individual therapies, there are certain albums that he himself would use depending on the treatment itself. For example the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’ has been produced particularly to work with the heart chakra, and assisting with all areas of the emotions.

Wonderful Memories

As we all know all music does hold a lot of memories within it, and we only have to put on our favourite CD or Record from our own collection to feel them all coming flooding back. Listening to all music that makes us feel good is therapy within itself, and creating that space from time to time to take a trip down memory lane, not only makes us feel good, but helps us all to improve our own sense of well being!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the track ‘Choir of Angels’ from the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.