How Music Helps Heal

The best healing for any individual problem will always begin in a relaxed state of mind. The delicate vibration of our music is composed to create a relaxing, calm and tranquil space, perfect to help balance the mind, body and soul.

Listening to our very unique tranquil music has had many positive effects for both people and animals alike. It is being recognised worldwide for the many ways in which it can help heal.

Below are just some of the areas that our beautiful music has been found to assist with.

Stress & Anxiety

Music is widely known to reduce stress & anxiety. Our music is perfect to chill out to or for therapies of all kinds. Relieve anxiety, de-stress and sooth the mind and emotions by listening to the relaxing and tranquil sounds of our music.

Sleep Deprivation

Treat sleep deprivation with some soothing, tranquil music. Our relaxing music will help you let go of your thoughts on a very deep and profound level, and in doing so allowing your mind to close, assisting you into deep sleep.

Music for Animals

Calming music for Dogs, Cats, and all other animals. Our music helps to relax all animals, helping to create a very calm sense of well-being. Played in the background, our tranquil music can help relax, sooth and heal any situation.

Healing Therapies

Our music is perfect for Healing Therapies of all descriptions. The gentle and tranquil vibrations of the music assist the patient to relax on a profound and very deep level, allowing professional healing or self healing to take place.

Meditation Music

Our music is perfect for meditation and has been composed with a very unique and angelic vibration. It allows adults and children of all ages to relax into their own tranquil space, assisting meditation and being at one with oneself.

Chakra Healing

Our beautiful music helps to assist the healing of the Chakra System, for Meditation and to create inner peace. Relax to the unique sounds of our music as it corresponds through the 7 Energy Vortexes within the Chakra System.

Birthing Music

Relaxing Pre-Birthing, Hypnobirthing and Post Birthing music. All of our music has been composed with a delicate vibration, assisting you and your baby to create your own tranquil space throughout your entire pregnancy & beyond.

Spa Treatments

Our beautiful, relaxing, chill out music is just perfect for any and all kinds of Spa treatments. The unique qualities within our tranquil music will greatly assist all Spa therapies, giving the perfect backdrop to any Spa.

Inspiration & Focus

Our Beautiful World Classical Music has been proven to aid focus & inspiration. Soothing, relaxing, chilled music can help take away frustrations & worries, creating a more balanced mind, inspiration and focus for adults & children.

Our Beautiful World Classical Music is perfect for healing the mind, body and soul

Our soothing instrumental music helps with many issues from Sleep Deprivation to Stress and Anxiety. Our music is also perfect for Meditation and has been used in many different Healing Practices around the world. All of our tranquil music works uniquely with the Chakra System to help balance all areas of the mind, body and soul

Samples of Our Music

Samples of all of our music can be heard on the music page, just click the button below. Each individual track and album are available to download and can be purchased in CD format.

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