Meditation Music

As modern medicine begins to understand the true benefits of relaxation where disease and the emotions are concerned, the acceptance and importance of Meditation has grown. Meditation can be extremely beneficial especially in the world that we live in today, giving a sense of peace and balance while assisting your overall health and wellbeing.

Many people and Practitioners worldwide have used our meditation music to create the perfect backdrop for many of their treatments, assisting them to create a calm and tranquil space. All of our beautiful, tranquil music when used for Meditation will not only help you to focus and live in the present, but assist you to chill out and remain calm in times of stress.

Meditation Music

If you would like to begin your own Meditation program you can start with these few simple steps

First of all make sure that you will have no disruptions, and try to clear you mind of all activity while taking part in this exercise.

Light a small candle and place it approximately 1 metre in front of yourself. Sit, relax and look at the flame of this candle for approximately 2 – 3 minutes. Then close your eyes and see if you can still see the image of the flame in your minds eye. If you can, this is the first step to opening your third eye. If you cannot, you may need to repeat this exercise more than once.

As Gary would say, ‘Meditation in the very beginning is much easier to accomplish in small amounts of 5 -10 minutes at a time’. ‘So if you wish to give yourself a gift that will really make a difference to you, Meditate, as it really will change your life’!



Listening to our Beautiful, Relaxing, Tranquil Music has proven to assist Meditation on all levels, and is being recognised worldwide for it’s unique qualities and benefits. Perfect for relaxation, here are just a few of the many benefits of listening to our music while meditating: Assists relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, helps create inner space & calm, a more focused and balanced mind, and inner peace.

Our beautiful Meditation Music works uniquely with the Chakra System to help balance the mind body and Soul

Samples of Our Music

Samples of all of our music can be heard on the music page, just click the button below. Each individual track and album are available to download and can be purchased in CD format.

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