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Enchanted Wood

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Sixteen.

This week we will be talking about ‘Enchanted Wood’ from the album
‘Summer Breeze’.

Composition & Structure

All music has a structure, just like any great novel that has ever been written, and the beginning, middle and end do always need to be in sight when starting to compose an individual piece of music for the very first time. It is then a combination of knowledge as well as inspiration that begins to assist the music to materialise into it’s own individual form. So it is the combination of all of these factors that very much needs to be taken into account when starting to compose a new, and very individual track, for the very first time.

The Scene is Set

As with all of our pieces of music they can sometimes just materialise, and in doing so almost name themselves, or it may simply be a drop of rain, a simple white feather or even the scent of being in nature that may begin to capture my imagination. Once the scene is set there are endless possibilities of where a piece of music may begin to take you, and combined with the complexities of each individual composition, the choice of journey is endless.

Nature at it’s Best

We’ve all seen those wonderful Disney films that not only take you to another world, but to a simpler time in our lives when we were all Children. It is the vibrant colours, innocent storyline, as well as the animals, trees and birds in nature that just suddenly appear from nowhere that captures our hearts. When starting to write any new piece of music, sometimes the simplicity of looking at the world through the eyes of a child, regardless of the individual piece of music in mind, is always the best approach. This not only leaves room to build upon, but the choice of colour is then vast. We all take for granted what would once never have been missed as a child, and it is with the help of our imagination in our everyday lives, as well as appreciating the simpler things in life, that not only assists us to be creative, but to enjoy what once was.

Enchanted Wood

The haunting sounds within the track ‘Enchanted Wood’ not only captivates the imagination, but assists you to almost smell the beautiful woodland that surrounds you. The gentle sound of the Acoustic Guitar also compliments, as well as brings a fresh light feel to this particular piece of music. Once an idea for the melody has been written, and together with the bass the notation is complete, each individual instrument from the orchestra i will also begin to compose. This is not only quite a lengthy process, but also very enjoyable and rewarding too !

Every Journey is Unique

There is a great deal of music in the market place today which not only has many repetitive loops, but because of the lack of knowledge behind it, doesn’t have very much content within it at all, and unfortunately when this is the case it leaves the individual looking for something else more interesting to play soon after it has been purchased. Each and every piece of music that we compose and produce will assist your imagination to take you to wherever you wish to go, and in doing so help you to create a space in you life personnel only to you, each and every time you listen!

Quality Music

Because we have spent a lifetime perfecting our craft, as a company we take pride in composing and producing beautiful, quality, chill out music. Each of our albums are not only unique, but they can take a minimum of a year to compose. So it is extremely rewarding once an album is complete to receive so many wonderful reviews, and from so many different parts of the world.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the track ‘From Russia with Love’ from the album ‘Passages in Time’.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.