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Drift away on a Summer Breeze

Hello again, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Three.

Each of the albums that we Compose and Produce take just over a year to create, and this week we will be taking about our latest album called ‘Summer Breeze’ and the track Serenity.

Capturing the Magic

After many years of producing beautiful quality music we have come to realise that each album naturally, almost names itself. Every album that we produce is created after many hours and months in the studios, but it is only after this very long but rewarding process that the music reveals itself to us fully. And while creating the album Summer Breeze it was the magic that appeared from each individual piece of music that truly captured our imagination. Without conscious thought, and piece by piece a theme begins to appear, and to our amazement once again Summer Breeze was created.


Serenity, track 6 from the album ‘Summer Breeze’ is one of those pieces of music that takes you to another world. With it’s deep undertones and gentle melody it very quickly and easily transports you into a very relaxed state, and allows you to drift away into tranquility. Even though this is a very good and beneficial state to be in, many people have said to us “but i would like to have stayed awake long enough to enjoy this beautiful piece of music fully, and not fall asleep half way through! We do get this comment quite a lot with our music which is one of the biggest complements of all, but at least we know that our music is doing the job that it is meant to do, and helps create a space in peoples lives, personal only to them.

Composed from the Heart

Each and every album and individual track that we compose and produce is unique. We are perfectionists by nature, but where our music is concerned we would say a little piece of us goes into every piece of music that we produce. Composed from the heart each track is very personal to us, so nothing less than perfect will do, and one of the most satisfying moments for us is when it all comes together and we can finally see the finished product in it’s full completion.

That little piece of Sparkle

We are often asked questions like ‘who does all of your photography? and ‘who’s idea was it to do this or that? and we are very proud to say that we do everything ourselves. It is very difficult to ask people to do things for you when the only people who can do it exactly as we would like it is ourselves, and being the creative people that we are we wouldn’t have it any other way. As i always say to everyone Gary always adds that secret ingredient, that little piece of sparkle that makes everything shine. So whether it is the photography or the actual production of the music he always seems to capture that natural, effortless finish that we like to achieve every time.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking more about our music and how it can help de-stress and assist any situation.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.