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Calming Music for Animals & Pets

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Seven.

This week we will be talking about how our music is perfect to help Calm and De-Stress all Animals & Pets.

Animals & Pets in Infancy

All Animals and Pets in infancy, like all of us human beings begin life with a blank canvas. They do not necessarily have any pre-conceptions about the world that they are living in, it is only through their experiences which they begin to process, that sometimes shape them into who they will become. Bearing all of this in mind we can begin to build a picture of the many different ways that their character can be formed, and without the correct balance with in their lives, their behaviour, as well as their well being can be affected.

Never too late to Learn New Tricks

Even when an Animal or Pet is more mature in years, it is never too late to introduce new habits into their lives to help maintain a more balanced and relaxed stress free lifestyle. Stress and anti-social behaviour where your pet or an animal is concerned can very often go hand in hand, and it is breaking the link that triggers this behaviour that is very often the key to success. A good routine as well as a calming and relaxed atmosphere will not only help stop any confusion for them, but also defuse any anxiety that may be present as well.

Left Home Alone

All Animals are of course quite different from each other, and Cats by nature are very independent, but where Dogs are concerned it can be a very different issue all together when being left home alone. Being mans best friend and very loyal to us as their owners they are very social individuals, and when that social support disappears, even for just a short time, stress and anxiety can soon set in.

Our Music can
Calm, De-Stress & Assist any Situation

What we have found when researching how our music has helped calm, destress and assist many of these issues and situations is, not only does it help your pet to remain calm when he/she is left home alone for example, but the delicate vibrations within each piece of music create a sense of wellbeing, which then goes on to create balance and reassurance. We have had so many occasions when we have been told about the positivities and benefits our music has had for pet owners as well as their pets, and how with repeated use the change in their behaviour has been remarkable. And as one lady once told me ‘At least now i can relax in the knowing that once I have left the house all is well’!

My Friends & other Animals

Just like us, when your beloved pet is out of his or her comfort zone they may just feel a little insecure, not quite knowing what is about to happen next, and as we all know the same applies to a visit to the vets. Familiarity, as with all of us tends to make us feel better, and being creatures of habit that suits us just fine. So not only is our music very relaxing indeed, but the familiarity of regular use will certainly give them a sense of security that would otherwise be missing.

Tried & Tested

So whether you have a Cat, Dog or any other Animal, or you use our music within your Professional Veterinarian Practice, the response we have had from people using our music has been quite remarkable, and very positive indeed, creating a more Relaxed, Tranquil and familiar space to help balance their Mind, Body and Soul.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about one of our most loved albums ‘Passages in Time’ which captures those little moments in time that you thought were lost forever.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.