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‘Choir of Angels’ from the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Fifteen.
This week we will be talking about ‘Choir of Angels’ from the album ’Vibrations from Heaven’.

‘Vibrations from Heaven’

All of the music that we Compose and Produce works perfectly with the Chakra System, and it was the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’ that was compiled to work perfectly with the Heart Chakra. The heart felt melodic line of each individual piece of music, alongside the gentle vibrations that each individual track brings, not only assists with the release of all pent up emotions, but in turn helps the healing process to begin.

Inspiration for ‘Choir of Angels’

The inspiration for each individual piece of music can come in many different ways, and once again ‘Choir of Angels’ was no different. As i always say it is very often the simplest of things that can be inspiring, or it can simply materialise and name itself once it has been created. This particular piece of music transpired with the knowing that not only was there great angelic assistance at hand, but in all of its enormity.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra can be a very complex area to assist with, especially when very often it involves the release of sometimes many past emotional issues. As Gary would say as a trained therapist for many years, sometimes even though we may not necessarily understand why we feel the way that we do, it is only through the healing process, and eventually coming out of the other side, that we begin to fully appreciate the benefits that healing can assist us with.

Angelic Vibrations

All of the music that we Compose and Produce has an angelic presence that surrounds each and every individual piece of music that we create. This in itself will not only assist us to feel very light and trouble free, but it will help to create a space in any one day, that from time to time we may all feel that we very much need. So whatever our thoughts may or may not be where angels and angelic assistance may be concerned, Gary’s own work, while using our music as the perfect back drop, has not only helped to assist many many people, but from all walks of life, and with sometimes very complex conditions.


Energy surrounds us all in our everyday lives, even though we may not necessarily be aware of it, or sometimes even understand it. So if you ever walk into a room and something doesn’t feel quite right, or perhaps quite the opposite is the case, and the only way to explain it is that ‘all is well ! then this is probably the energy that you are picking up at that time. We all give off our own individual energy at any one time, and depending on what we may be going through will depend on what kind of energy we may be emitting out into the world.

All in a Days Work

Because Gary works with angelic energy on a daily basis, whether it is in his own Healing Practice, or with his individual Consultations, as he would say ‘it’s all in a days work ! This just simply means that working with energy is a very normal part of every day life for himself, which not only enables him to use his abilities to assist with his work, but to their full potential.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the track ‘Enchanted Wood’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.

How Music Helps Improve our Sense of Well Being

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Fourteen.
This week we will be talking about how music helps to improve our sense of well being.


As we are all aware when we are inspired we very often feel that we can conquer the world. Not only may we suddenly have a brand new zest for life, but our enthusiasm appears to go up a few levels. Music that makes us feel good, as well as happy can not only inspire us to want to achieve more, but in doing so our immunity and sense of well being is given a wonderful boost, and in turn be very good for our health in general.

The Feel Good Factor

What ever kind of music that we enjoy, regardless of what it may be is definitely what the doctor ordered, but when it comes to relaxation, and music to assist us to de-stress and wind down, the music itself also has to resinate with ourselves on every level. There is a lot of relaxation music in the market place today that doesn’t appear to have very much content at all, and unfortunately when this is the case it very easily becomes not just a repetitive loop, but very predictable also.

The Perfect Backdrop

When music has been put together correctly there should never be that feeling of ‘but what else can i play! from the listener themselves, and it is the knowledge behind the scenes that backs up a piece of music in it’s entirety that allows an individual to enjoy what they are listening to each and every time they listen. All of the music that we Compose and Produce has not only come with years of knowledge as well as perfection of our own individual crafts, but we also know only too well after a lifetime of study the hard work that goes into each and every individual track that we Compose and Produce.

Becoming a Distributor

We have had some wonderful feedback over the years from individual businesses, however big or small that stock and sell our music on to their customers. Becoming a Distributor for all of our music has proven to be a great success for all of our clients, whether they are being sold in their shop, Spa or for therapies within their own individual Practice too. The large variety of individual businesses that sell our music is endless, and by listening to many of our Distributors over the years we have found that it was their own clientele that would ask where they could purchase the music that they were listening to. This in itself is what encouraged many of our Distributors to come on board !

All Kinds of Treatments

All of our music has a million uses, but where individual therapies are concerned each of our albums have proven to be a great success, and just perfect for all areas of the Mind, Body and Soul. Gary has found first hand when using our music within his own Practice the true benefits of each individual track and album, and even though all of our music is suitable for all individual therapies, there are certain albums that he himself would use depending on the treatment itself. For example the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’ has been produced particularly to work with the heart chakra, and assisting with all areas of the emotions.

Wonderful Memories

As we all know all music does hold a lot of memories within it, and we only have to put on our favourite CD or Record from our own collection to feel them all coming flooding back. Listening to all music that makes us feel good is therapy within itself, and creating that space from time to time to take a trip down memory lane, not only makes us feel good, but helps us all to improve our own sense of well being!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the track ‘Choir of Angels’ from the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.

Music Perfect for Children

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Thirteen.

This week we will be talking about how all of our music is perfect for Children of all ages, to help calm, assist brain development, as well as educate.

Influences in Our Early Years

What influences us in our early years is very often subconscious, even though it can shape who we will become. Couple this with proven scientific studies which demonstrate that classical music can help assist brain development, and it is easy to see it’s positivities.

The Complexities in each Individual Track

Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend how an individual piece of music or track can actually make that much of a difference where brain development is concerned, and very often only after attempting to play an instrument yourself may you realise not only how difficult it can be, but what actually goes into each individual piece of music that is being played.

The Bigger Picture

Very often Classical music is put into a larger box and labelled up as not only stuffy, but very complex, and it is only when you begin to delve much deeper that you realise that one glove doesn’t necessarily fit all ! Being Classically trained i have discovered over the years exactly what particular style of Classical music that i prefer, and it is only when you begin to look much closer that you realise, like with all genres of music, that the variety is vast.

I don’t mind the Floaty Kind!

Not all classical music is the same, and it does all depend in which century, period or era that it was composed. So if you prefer what we may describe as ‘the floaty kind’ then it is more than likely that it was composed in the ‘Romantic’ period. This kind of music you may recognise from perhaps relaxing, feel good films or movies, where for example the simplicity of the Classical piece ‘Clair de Lune’ Composed by the French Composer Debussy would not seem out of place.

All Great Pieces of Music Tell a Story

All great pieces of music tell a story, just like any one of your favourite Books, Films or Plays. Not only do they have a beginning, middle and end, but they also take you on a journey. Just like any great storyteller the wonderment of what lies ahead is what assists the magic of what is being listened to, or being read, to come alive, and it is the unique story itself that keeps an individual captivated each and every time they read a book or listen to their favourite track. If you don’t have a musical back ground you may not have necessarily thought about pieces of music being structured in this way, but like any great journey there is always a beginning, a middle and and an end.

Our Beautiful World Classical Music

So the next time that you are in the car, or just relaxing at home, why not play some of our ‘Beautiful Relaxing Classical Music’, and feel the very real benefits that you and your family or little ones can receive. Not just for relaxation, and balancing the Mind, Body and Soul, but in the knowing that on a subconscious level it will be assisting not only their brain development, but in turn their education too !

Fairy Tale

There are many tracks on each of our albums that have become firm favourites with not only new borns, but Children of all ages. So whether it is ‘On Angelic Wings’, ‘Starlight’, Fairy Tale’ or even ‘Paper Angels’ to name just a few, all of these requests from little ears are always really nice to hear when they have been played as part of their routine!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about how music helps improve our sense of well being.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.

Paper Angels

Hello again, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Twelve.
This week we will be talking about our beautiful track ‘Paper Angels’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’.

Simplicity Itself

‘Paper Angels’ materialised once again when working on the album ‘Summer Breeze’, and the simplicity of this individual and very angelic piece of music shows itself through the eyes of a child. It is very often the straight forwardness that all children have that is so refreshing in the complex world that we live in today, and capturing the essence of this particular piece of music is what created the wonderment.

Hand Made

I think we all like to receive the hard work and sentiments that are attached to a gift that is hand made, but when it has been made by little hands, and with so much thought and effort, not only is it unique but extra special too. As this particular track materialised, not only did ’Paper Angels’ begin to become the perfect title for this beautiful piece of music, but accompanied with the gentle, pure and angelic sound of the melody, the energy and vibrations that showed themselves within this particular track soon became very apparent as well.

Angelic Vibrations

Energy isn’t something that people necessarily understand in the busy world that we all live in today, but when you work constantly with energy like Gary does in his Practice, it is a very real and normal part of everyday life. So as with all of the music that we create, it is that gentle and angelic melodic line, and that little piece of magic and sparkle that helps to create just the right vibration for each and every piece of music that we Compose and Produce, each and every time.

Listening & Looking with Fresh Eyes

As with all of our individual pieces of music, they will take you on a fresh new journey each and every time you listen. This is very much the same way that a child may perceive what is presented to them, with great simplicity and with fresh eyes. When as an adult this is allowed to take place, this is very often when the imagination begins to flow, with no interference of thoughts that may interrupt what is being listened to.

The Wonderment within Our Imagination

The wonderment of our imagination is vast, and it is only when as a child this is encouraged and allowed to flow, that we begin to experience as well as realise that anything really is possible. We are told many times through out our lives how it is important to pay attention as well as to focus, but equally whatever age we may be, it is just as important to have some me time, which in turn will assist the imagination to flow.

A Time and a Place

As we all know there is a time and a place for everything, but the next time you see your little ones day dreaming, or catch yourself being in your own little world, perhaps we should just allow them, or yourself to see where your imagination may take you!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about why all of our music is perfect for Children.

Speak Soon, and please feel free to share our blog.

The Magical Essence of ‘Starlight’

Hello again, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Eleven.

This week we will be talking about one of our most well loved tracks ‘Starlight’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’, and how we captured it’s essence.


Like with all of our individual pieces of music that we Compose and Produce ‘Starlight’ once again just seemed to appear out of nowhere, or should i say it was just plucked out of the sky. Looking up on a clear night at the truly amazing, and extremely polished stars that were glistening back, was more than enough inspiration for this next track. It was almost more than just the view, it was the complete silence that came with that view that allowed the simplicity of the melody to begin to flow. All instruments have their own beauty, but it was the clear, raw and unblemished sound of the Acoustic Guitar that lent itself perfectly to this piece of music as the melody began to materialise and flow.

Simplicity Itself

People often ask me what is the best approach when beginning to write a piece of music, and as i always say ‘simplicity itself’ is the key. It is not the complexities of extremely difficult combinations that can create a masterpiece, as the music will speak for itself. It is always for me simplicity, the unblemished and pureness that holds the most beauty with everything in life. The simple white daisy, the single drop of rain or just one pure white feather that holds the most beauty, and capturing this in any piece of music for me is what creates that magical essence.

A Fresh New Journey

One of the most common pieces of feedback that we received is that all of our individual pieces of music always take you on a fresh, new journey each and every time you listen. The reason for this is because all of our music is composed to work perfectly with the Chakra System, and in doing so it works with any individual on a unique and very personnel level. So if you find yourself experiencing something very different every time our music is played, not only can this be refreshing, but it will assist you to truly escape each and every time you listen.

Relaxation and it’s Rewards

As we all know a change is as good as a rest, so trying to incorporate the relaxation process into our every day lives will not only do wonders for our physical health but for our emotional well being too. It can be extremely difficult sometimes to do nothing at all, but if we are able to get into the habit of having some me time, the rewards can be endless. It is not always what we do in life that can make the difference, but what we don’t do, and being taught from a young age that it is ok to create some time for ourselves is what will make the rewards not only endless, but far richer in the end.

The Balance

The combination of our individual professions is really what creates the unique balance of what we do, and as with all of our music ‘Starlight’ once again was very much a little piece of both of us. Studying music all of my life has given me the platform and knowledge to Compose, but it is also Gary’s vast knowledge in the Healing world when combined with our music that has managed to take everything to a whole new level. Once a track is Composed and recorded by myself it is Gary that creates that ‘little piece of sparkle’ that always brings everything to life, and being the Producer to all of our music it is also that natural flare, ability and knowledge, as well as having a wonderful and natural ear that helps everything shine each and every time.

I’ve just got that feeling

Instinct plays a big part in all of our lives, but where our music is concerned it is that feeling of where an individual piece of music is taking us that is extremely rewarding to see unfold. So as with all of our music ‘Starlight’ once again took us on a whole new journey all of it’s very own, and in doing so helped us to create that magical ingredient for people to appreciate, each and every time they listen!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the track ‘Paper Angels’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.

The Perfect Backdrop for Spas

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Ten.

This week we will be talking about how all of our Beautiful, Tranquil, Chill Out Music is the perfect backdrop for Spas and all of their treatments worldwide.

A Breath of Fresh Air

One of the most common statements that we tend to hear from people who we have just been introduced to is ‘Doesn’t all Spa music sound the same! and ‘I am always looking for new and different music for my Spa! Unfortunately these statements are all too common and come from unsatisfied customers who still haven’t found what they are looking for. Because we specialise in Composing and Producing Beautiful, Quality Music, and have spent our lives perfecting our craft, we understand totally what is required to create customer satisfaction, and what actually works. It is always really nice to have wonderful feedback from all of our customers, but when a Spa Manager told us the other day ‘Your music is a breath of fresh air! not only does it make it all worth while for us, but it shows us first hand that what we create really does meet the demand.

The Perfect Backdrop

All of our Beautiful, Relaxing, Chill Out Music is the perfect backdrop for all Spas and their treatments worldwide. Composed to assist with the relaxation process on a very deep and profound level, all of our individual pieces of music will take you on a very unique and angelic journey each and every time you listen. So whether you are listening to our extremely heart felt first album Vibrations from Heaven, or being taken on the most wonderful journey with ‘It’s a Wonderful World’, experiencing the very popular Passages in Time or listening to the beautiful simplicity of Summer Breeze all of our Relaxing, Tranquil, Chill Out music is sure to take you on a journey like no other!

Why Our Music is Unique

All of our Beautiful, Tranquil and Calm pieces of music are unique, and take a year to Compose and Produce. The delicate vibrations within each piece of music are not only incredibly relaxing, but will assist you to chill out and unwind into your own tranquil space.

As mentioned there is a lot of music today that goes under the title of relaxing music, and even though there is always room for all, it really does take a lifetime of study to be able to compose, as well as understand the mechanics of the Mind, Body and Soul on all levels in order to create relaxation music that really works on a different level.

Customers Feedback

Customer feedback is probably one of the most important pieces of information that we as a company can receive, and it is because of this feedback that it shows us what we create is very much in demand. It is always wonderful to be appreciated, especially with work that is so personnel to ourselves, but knowing that it is complimenting what our customers require and need is exactly what we like to hear.

I know myself how other peoples opinions really do make a world of difference when trying to make a decision about a particular product, and it is always those positive and very happy customers that make all the difference at the end of the day!

Why not become a Distributor!

Over time we began to notice how not only were our customers enjoying the beautiful, relaxing music that we had produced, but their clients were also asking where they could purchase our music as well. So because of this we decided to provide Small, Medium and Large Packages to any Company or Business that may wish to sell our music on to their customers too.

This has not only been a great success for all of our customers and their businesses, but also particularly within the Spas industry as well. Because we are able provide an extremely good profit margin to all of our customers for each individual CD that is sold, it has proven itself to be a great success however big or small their business may be.

We as a Company treat all of our customers as individuals, so if there is something that you and your business, however big or small would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to help and accommodate your needs.

All of our Customers Worldwide

We are not only extremely passionate about each individual piece of music that we create, but as we always say a little bit of us goes into each and every track that we Compose and Produce. Because of this we wish all of our customers to be extremely happy with each and every package that they receive. So however large or small your business may be, and where ever you are in the country or world we make it our mission to deliver beautiful quality music, each and every time you order!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the magical essence of ‘Starlight’ from the album Summer Breeze.

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.